Easy, Convenient General Cleaning

If it needs a clean, chances are, we can help.

At Neatcom, we provide a comprehensive range of commercial property cleaning services, including general and spot cleaning.

Regularly cleaning your business yourself may seem like a good idea at first.

However, you’ll probably discover it’s often far more than you bargained for to get it looking up to standard.

Plus, once you’ve spent all that money on harsh cleaning products and factor in the time you’ve spent, you might soon realise you would have been better off engaging corporate cleaners.

Our team does this every day, and can simply clean better, faster and more comprehensively than those without the same experience, expertise and equipment.

The difference after a professional clean is like night and day. We offer all manner of general property cleaning services, including sweeping, waxing, polishing, vacuuming, dusting, disinfecting and sanitising, to make your business feel like new again.

If you need more specialised treatments, such as deep carpet or hard floor cleaning, we can help with those too.

Competitively priced and lightning-fast, our team will be in and out in no time, letting you get back to work in a fresher, cleaner environment ASAP.

Our operation has been engineered for thoroughness and efficiency, as productivity is a core value of our company. When you need a clean in a hurry, we pride ourselves on a rapid response time, and most of the time, we can have a cleaner on site within just a few hours. No matter what your specific operating hours or requirements are, we’ll strive to accommodate.

Neatcom has provided quality general property cleaning services to businesses of every type, including officesfitness centresuniversitiesand more. Over 200 commercial clients have benefitted from our expertise across Perth, and we have an ongoing roster of repeat customers who utilise the convenience of our regular general cleaning services.

For many businesses, there are just some areas that seem to attract mess no matter what you do, including lunchrooms, bathrooms and foyers.

We’ll scrub, tidy and wash until your space is spotlessly clean again, representing the professionalism of your business to staff and clients alike.

Try us out – we’re sure you’ll discover how much time, money and resources you could save using professionals.

When it comes to commercial property cleaning services in Perth and surrounds, trust an experienced team with a proven track record for exceptional results and high-quality service.

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